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Stone fireplace originated from western countries, it can be divided into different styles according to different cultures, for instance ...
Twinkle offers various selection of stone materials and bathtub patterns such as polished marble bathtub, hand-chiseled granite bathtub ...
Natural stone has beautiful texture and solid construction, and it also performs very well in abrasion proofing and scratch resistance ...
Stone Sink
Natural stone sinks may be found in the bathroom of today but they were built by the Earth of yesterday. For thousands of years earthly elements have ...
In modern architecture, stone medallion is widely applied to decorate the ground, outside wall, countertop, etc. Twinkle has 4 numerical ...
Stone Mosaic
Composed by countless small pieces of stone, stone mosaic processing is undoubtedly a time and labor consuming project. However, the almost ...
Stone columnis widely used in building and other industries. Columns, according to the style, can be divided into Doric column,Lonic column ...
Nature stone balustrades create an elegant atmosphere different from any other buildings and fully display the beauty of nature stone ...
Door Surround
Stone door surrounds are essential parts of the whole building. Door surrounds are not merely play the role of decorating the door ...
Window Surround
Choosing hand carved stone window surround is a way of adding significant character and beauty to the outside of a fine building structure ...
Stone sculpture, also called carving, is the floorboard of three techniques: carve, engrave and mould. Sculpture, as a relatively permanent ...
Twinkle’s natural stone fountains include simple fountain, flower carved fountain, statuary fountain, overmantel fountain and multi-color ...
Twinkle provides various stone options including marble, limestone, travertine and sandstone to be chosen while you want a graceful stone...
Stone Table
Stone table, as garden decoration item, it is really difficult to avoid artificial trace. However, Twinkle tries to blend artificial elements into...
Stone Bench
Every good garden needs a place for people to sit down and take in the beauty of their surroundings. With this in mind, Twinkle Stone has...
Stone Planter
The Stone planter,although not as important as plants do in decorating the garden, they still have special advantages. Owing to its strong corrosion ...
Twinkle Stone is a leading professional manufacture of various granite and marble tombstone (headstone, gravestone), monument, memorial and ...
Stone Urn
Natural stone urns contain two terminological meanings, memorial urns and architectural urns. Listed in page are mainly large ...
About Twinkle Stone

Product Range
Twinkle provides a wide range of natural stone products, including interior decoration, exterior ornament, landscaping stone and other special stone products. We are specialized in stone fireplace, bathtub shower tray, countertop, sink, medallion, mosaic, column, balustrade, door and window surround, statuary,fountain, gazebo and etc.

Raw Material Channel
Twinkle always reserves a variety of frequently used stone at hand and makes it possible for our clients to choose their favorite materials. We also adopt batch purchasing method to guarantee the sufficient supply and low price of the raw materials. In order to keep the consistency of your product, Twinkle will pull out all the stops to make the same batch of product with the stone from the same quarry.(From china , Spain ,Italy, Turkey ,Iran, Pakistan)

Processing Capability
The world advanced technology and equipment plus a large number of craftsmen and skilled technicians allow us to output large volume of standard products. Meanwhile, the NC-based production line together with the traditional hand-carved arts bring Twinkle a high quality and efficiency product output.

Service System
communication(timely) > Technique(professional) > Design (unique) > Transportation(safe) > Installation(speedy) > After-sales(considerate)

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